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FYT Locust (28644)

FYT Locust (28644)
FYT Locust (28644)
FYT Locust (28644)
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FYT Locust (28644)
FYT Locust (28644)
FYT Locust (28644)
FYT Locust (28644)
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  • Model: 28644
  • Weight: 20.00oz
  • Dimensions: 6.00in x 6.00in x 2.00in
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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Devices

Underdogs work by convection heat, which means the heat source does not directly touch your material. Rather, the appropriately heated air is inhaled over your material, extracting the active ingredients.

Plug in your unit and let it heat up. It takes about 5-10 min for most units to start producing vapor, and 15-20 min for most units to be fully heat soaked and stabilized for back to back hits.

Crumble or grind up a bit of material and inhale it into the short end of a stem into the stainless steel basket screen.

Mate the stem up with the center tube on the unit (glass and nylon stems will fit loosely) and inhale slowly. Remove the stem from the unit in between hits.

Click here for our full instruction sheet in PDF format, or check out our informational video series on YouTube.

We use all RoHS compliant, lead-free, non-toxic materials. We only use woods that are sustainably harvested or reclaimed, and we make all our devices by hand right here in the USA. Check out our informational video series on YouTube to see how they work.

Side note: We also use leather on the bottoms, and beeswax in the finish, so unfortunately, they are not vegan. We have tried vegan alternatives for the bottoms, but we have not been able to find anything that works even half as well as leather. Our apologies to our vegan friends. If you are still willing to try the alternatives to have an Underdog, talk to us about a custom, and we can see what we can do.

Pick the unit you like the look of the most. The aesthetics is the biggest difference between any of the units available, most of the time. The wood type and shape of the device does not affect performance in any measurable way. Sometimes we have different models available at the same time, but usually, you'll notice that all the units available at a given time are the same model, but with different wood types and/or shapes. If you're still not sure which one to choose, feel free to ask us.

The standard kit currently includes a Travel Size VVPS Unit, 12v Wall Wart Power Supply, extension cord (used as an expendable to protect your power cord), Underbutter touch-up wax, muslin ABV bag and your choice in stems.

We currently offer several different stem choices with new Underdog purchases: Direct Draw Glass (Thick or Regular Wall), 14mm GonG (Long or Short Glass on Glass), Nylon (Direct Draw), NonG (14mm or 18/19mm Nylon on Glass). You can view our full stem selection here or check out our YouTube video on stem differences.

The GonG and Direct Draw stems are all glass with stainless steel formed screens and fit over the center heat port tube. These give you a less restricted, smoother draw. The 14mm GonG stems have a tapered 14mm joint on one end for use with a water pipe, and the long one can also be used directly. The thick walled direct draw stem is more durable than the regular walled one, and we've since discontinued the regular wall stem. The Nylon and NonG stems have a stainless steel tip and stainless steel formed screen. These ones give you a more restricted, slightly hotter draw. The NonG stems are available in 14mm and 18/19mm tapered joints. The Stainless Lite stem is an all stainless steel stem with stainless formed screen. It also fits inside the heat port, so it has a similar draw to the Nylon and NonG stems. When ordering replacement screens, please read the product description to find out which screen size you need as these stems use two different screen sizes.

For new UD users, we recommend getting at least one glass type stem and one nylon or stainless type stem so that you can try them both and see what you like. All stems are made, by intentional design, to fit loosely with the heater core's center tube. You will need to hold onto the stem while the unit is in a horizontal or upside-down position to keep it from falling out. We make them this way, so that your stems should not get stuck or break, during the expansion and contraction that happens due to heating and cooling.

The power supplies we provide with our units have an American-style two-prong plug and are compatible with 100-240 volt input. If you wish to purchase a replacement power supply, or a power supply with your country's plug style, from a third party, you will be covered under warranty as long as the power supply meets the following requirements:

  • Has a standard 2.1mm barrel plug
  • Is not used to provide your vape with 14v or more

In addition to these specs, we recommend you find a power supply that outputs at least 1-2 amps, so that you're not running your power supply at max capacity. Please note that you can use a 15v power supply, as long as you use it in conjunction with a dimmer or VVPS to lower the voltage being delivered to your unit to an acceptable level. For Underdogs made in 2014 or later, this is usually below 12 volts.

Our (blue box) VVPS units must be used with DC voltage, center/tip positive power supplies that output no more than 15 volts. Your power supply will also need to have a standard 2.1mm barrel connector plug and output at least 1-3 amps. The unit will only take as many amps as it needs, but it's good to have more as a buffer, so as not to run the power supply at max capacity. If running more than one Underdog at a time, you will need at least one amp per vape. ie: Two units at once would require at least a 2 amp power supply.

There is a natural variation between each individual heating element that goes into our devices. This means that you could power two separate units with the same 12 volts of electricity, and one unit may produce more heat than the other. Some heating elements require a little more voltage to get them to the same heat level as others, and on the flip side, some units may run too hot on the same voltage.

There are also many other outside factors that can affect your experience, such as which stem you're using (glass requires more heat than the stainless tipped stems), the moisture content of your herb, your grind and pack consistency, your ambient room temperature, draw speed, screen placement, and personal preferences, etc. Each of our units are now set extra hot (with potential for combustion at or around 12v), and we include some sort of dimmer or VVPS unit with each one so that you can dial the heat to exactly where you like it at any given time.

See our Temp Control Page for more information.

Our regular devices use under 10 watts, which is less electricity than is used by a low power CFL (compact fluorescent light bulb).
Commissioned pieces are priced depending on type of wood and level of complexity. Check out this handy Custom Log Guide and then Contact us with the details of your idea so we can get started.

Shipping & Delivery

We accept all major credit and debit cards, processed securely through On your credit card statement, it should read "UNDERDOG" as Miscellaneous Retail.

We can also arrange to accept US Postal Money Orders, or direct electronic payment methods. If you prefer one of these other options, please contact us.

Yes, our packaging is discreet and does not mention our company name anywhere on the outside.

We ship all of our packages via the United States Post Office (USPS), but we can ship via UPS upon special request.

We ship most orders within 1-3 business days (M-F) via USPS.

Domestic orders: USPS Priority normally takes 2-3 business days to reach most US destinations, sometimes only 1 if you're in the Pacific Northwest. Economy can take up to 6-10 days.

International orders: USPS Priority and Economy can take up to 6-10 business days, depending on your country's customs office.

Every order will receive a shipping notification email, and if you selected Priority, it will include tracking information.

We started this business in Northern California, but have since moved to the Northeastern corner of Oregon after the Paradise, CA Camp Fire of 2018 destroyed our entire town, including our business. See our post here for more information.

For orders shipping domestically, and other domestic orders weighing more than 9 ounces (plus the box and packaging weight), it is actually cheaper to ship via Priority. There's also the added benefit of insurance and tracking on your more expensive order.

Sometimes, we do have a mistake in the website though. If you feel the shipping seems unreasonable for your shopping cart, please contact us to check on it. It never hurts to check.

We now ship to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, and Israel, in addition to the US. Other countries may not have made the list due to problems with their customs offices.

We're currently taking a break from shipping new units to countries other than the US and Canada. If you would like to contact us, we may consider it on a case by case basis.

For packages shipping outside the United States, you may be responsible for customs fees and taxes, depending on your country's tax and customs laws.

Warranty & Returns

We have great customer service and support, as well as our warranty, but we do not take returns. If you happen to experience any problems with your unit, or it does not seem to be performing as expected, please let us know and we will do our best to resolve the issue for you.

For shipping addresses within the US

We will fix or replace your vaporizer if anything goes wrong with it within 2 years of purchase, unless otherwise stated in the product description. Some vaporizer models are offered with a 1 year warranty; please check the product description before purchase.

Customer is responsible for shipping costs to us, if needed.

Power Supplies and other electrical accessories are under warranty for 90 days if used as directed. If you experience an issue beyond your warranty period, just let us know, and we may still be able to resolve the issue for you at little to no cost. Opening or trying to repair your Underdog Vape will void your warranty. Our vapes are not user-serviceable and will almost always result in more damage to the unit.

If you are experiencing an issue with your vape, please contact us.

For shipping addresses outside the US

We will fix or replace your vaporizer if anything goes wrong with it within 2 years of purchase, unless otherwise stated in the product description. Some vaporizer models are offered with a 1 year warranty; please check the product description before purchase.

Customer is responsible for shipping costs to and from us if needed.

Power supplies and other electrical accessories are not under warranty, but we can help you to source a local alternative. Opening or trying to repair your Underdog Vape will void your warranty. Our vapes are not user-serviceable and will almost always result in more damage to the unit.

If you are experiencing an issue with your vape, please contact us.

This vape is made of Black Locust from the famous FYT Tree from the Paradise CA Camp Fire, and has a Standard Core Mk3 (SC3) with stainless steel heater cartridge. Comes with the Standard Kit. For help with vape options, see our FAQ Page or keep scrolling for our most common FAQs. This wood was harvested from a tree that burned in the fire, so it may have rustic qualities like stress marks, voids, cracks, etc that are a part of the wood's character. Learn more about the FYT Tree.
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