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About Us

Once upon a time...

Underdog found himself in need of an Aromatherapy Device. He wanted good performance, good quality, and good looks. "Was that asking too much?" he wondered. After a few days spent lost in the interwebs, he found this tiny, little niche world, called Logs.

Their organic and simple nature really appealed to him, but the ones on the market just weren't exactly what he wanted. It was then that the thought occurred to him... What if he made his own?

It had been some years since he had touched a lathe, but he had always enjoyed tinkering. His parents could tell you all about the joys of raising a child who loves to take apart and reassemble (with or without modifications!) every radio, clock, or other mechanical or electronic device that came within his grasp.

After some convincing, his wife (now Underdogette) agreed to put a small lathe, along with some other rudimentary equipment, into the budget. Their apartment neighbors were thrilled when he turned their outdoor patio closet into the smallest woodworking shop imaginable! Of course, it wasn't long before Underdog took off and outgrew that tiny space. With the housing market in buyers' favor, Dave and Amanda bought a small house in Paradise, CA and turned it into the first real Underdog Headquarters, with their sidekick (and Underdog mascot), Toby, at their heels.

By 2017, Amanda was working for Underdog full time, and they were able to hire a friend to ship their packages for them.

Tragically, in November of 2018, Amanda and Dave were on travel when a devastating wildfire ripped through their quiet mountain town, destroying over 14,000 structures and claiming 85 lives. Dave and Amanda had just sold their home, and were temporarily set up on a friend's property. They lost almost everything, including the shop, their vehicle and travel trailer. Luckily, Dave's decade worth of wood inventory was later found safe in a storage unit that miraculously survived.

As of this writing (Feb 2019), Dave and Amanda have been graciously accepted into a friend's home and shop in Northeastern Oregon. With the amazingly generous donations from the vape community, they are currently rebuilding and planning to come back stronger than ever.

What a long, strange trip it's been, and we're not even closed to finished! We just want to say thanks to all of our supporters. We couldn't do this without you.

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