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01 Nov FYT Vapes
Underdog 0 1125
While many of the trees survived with some scorching one in particular ddn't. It was a tree that was beside the driveway that I always joked about someday cutting down and making vapes out of. Well it decided to fall during the fire and first smashed thru our travel trailer (top green circle over i..
07 Mar Underdog Rebuild Update 3/2019
Underdogette 0 1002
Thank you so much to everyone for your support! I cannot believe how much you raised for us in donations. We are currently settling into the Northeast corner of Oregon, where a friend has graciously taken us in, and shared his shop space with us. We've gotten the bulk of the shop set up with equipme..
16 Nov Underdog & the Paradise Camp Fire
Underdogette 0 1204
Hi Everyone, As you might have heard, there are terrible wildfires raging through California right now. One of them, the Camp Fire, has devastated our entire hometown, Paradise. We had recently sold our home, and had moved our shop to a temporary rented space while we looked for a new location. Unf..
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