Hi Everyone,

As you might have heard, there are terrible wildfires raging through California right now. One of them, the Camp Fire, has devastated our entire hometown, Paradise. We had recently sold our home, and had moved our shop to a temporary rented space while we looked for a new location. Unfortunately, we were uninsured (as the insurance companies had started dropping customers and it was nearly impossible to get a new policy, especially in our situation), and we lost the entire shop. Tens of thousands of hours of hard work and tens of thousands of dollars of invested money went up in flames in a single day, without warning.

Now it's time to lick our wounds, pick ourselves up, and begin the long and arduous process of rebuilding. And we need your help! Please help us to rise out of the ashes, and rebuild Underdog, even better than before. Little by little, we will get there, and every little bit helps.

Keep scrolling for information on how you can help.

Ways You Can Help!

  1. By donating to the Underdog Rebuild Go Fund Me fundraiser set up for us by Magic9
  2. By donating directly to our PayPal account, either via underdog@underdogvapes.com or paypal.me/udvapes
  3. By continuing to shop at Underdog. We have a limited supply of vapes and accessories left, that were kept safe at our shipper's location in Oregon.
  4. By sharing! Most importantly, you can help us by spreading the word, and sharing our story with others. We built this business as a community, and we will rebuild it as a community too.

More Information

In addition to our website, keep up to date on our story via the Underdog thread on Fuck Combustion, our Facebook Page, our Instagram, and our YouTube Channel.

If you would like to help other fire victims, please visit paradiserecovers.org/giving