While many of the trees survived with some scorching one in particular ddn't. It was a tree that was beside the driveway that I always joked about someday cutting down and making vapes out of. Well it decided to fall during the fire and first smashed thru our travel trailer (top green circle over its remains) before crushing the truck as well.

Well I tell you what, the first tool I re-buy once we get in to Paradise will be a chainsaw and that fucker is getting cut up. Be prepared for a series of 'Fuck You Tree UDs' sometime next year.

I made that post about a year ago, on FuckCombustion.com. Since then, we've made good on our promise to harvest that tree and mill it into usable blanks to make FYT (Fuck You Tree) Vapes. It's been cathartic to cut up this tree; to see so much beauty emerge from underneath the charred bark. In case anyone takes this post the wrong way, we do love trees, and we're not seriously taking out any anger we might have on this particular one. It just feels good to swear sometimes.

The FYT wood blanks are currently waxed (to slow down the drying process and help prevent cracking) and stacked in our wood storage racks, with the rest of the wood that survived the fire (from inside a metal storage unit that somehow survived). We are taking names of anyone who would like to be on the list to buy one of these beauties once we're ready to start production again, hopefully by the beginning of 2020. Just send us a message.