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Copper Aromatherapy Cup

Copper Aromatherapy Cup
Copper Aromatherapy Cup
Copper Aromatherapy Cup
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  • Model: Copper Aromatherapy Cup
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Copper Aromatherapy Cup

This simple copper cup is the easiest way to use aromatherapy oils with your Underdog. Add a few beeswax pellets to your oils to help them last longer and to solidify them when cool for less chance of spilling when not in use. Check out our YouTube video on how to use your Underdog for Aromatherapy. Copper cup comes with a removable heat resistant grip at top to keep your fingers from getting burned while moving cup.

Please note: not for use with Micro-Dogs, Mini-Dogs, or Alphas. The cup is too big for the Micros, and even if it were smaller, it would trap too much heat and destroy a Micro or a Mini in short order. It is also too small for Alphas. This is the Goldilocks of cups-- only for use with the standard cores.

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