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Formed Screens Pack

Formed Screens Pack
Formed Screens Pack
Formed Screens Pack
Formed Screens Pack
Formed Screens Pack
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  • Model: Formed Screens
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Formed Screens Pack

This listing is for a 5 pack of special replacement stainless steel formed basket screens. With each package, we'll include appropriately sized wooden dowels to help you remove and install your screens.

Sizing Guide:

  • Small: Fits stems that go inside a Standard Core's (SC) heat tube, such as Stainless Steel Lite, Nylon Direct Draw, and NonGs for Standard Cores.
  • Large: Fits stems that go over a Standard Core's (SC) heat tube or inside of an Alpha Core's heat tube, such as SC Glass Direct Draws, SC GonGs, and Alpha/Standard Core hybrid stems (Hybrid Nylon Direct, Hybrid NonGs, or Hybrid Stainless Stems that fit inside an Alpha Core, but fit outside a Standard Core).
  • XL: Fits stems that go outside the Alpha Core's heat tube, such as the Alpha Glass Stems.

Please note that our screens do not fit most old Aroma Zaps, Purple Days or Woodeez units. Please check our FAQ Page for information on stem cleaning and how to keep your screens clean with each session, so that you can get the most out of them. We find that screens can last indefinitely with proper care.

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